Artist Statement

I am an artist and multi-media researcher that develops projects with great motivation that they will find full interaction with people of all cultures and ages. My concern is that they can relate to and have fun with the art works, a kind of communion with his own sensitive nature and engineering intellect, inseparable and indispensable for everyone. Coming from physics and experience with systems programming, the tools which I use are mainly technological; having support both in tactile means and virtual interfaces. I do consider technology as a medium of aesthetic high power at the service of the search for answers to the impact that our life experience brings in all aspects of our daily lives. In general, I create works that seek to represent the behavior of matter in the universe and also to show the public how certain technologies works. My goal is to enrich and renew our understanding and relationship with the organization in a world immersed in  society -more and more increasingly and variously- that demands new forms of expression. I believe in the importance of fun games from childhood to old age in human development and I wish my work could be integrated collaborative practices in this regard.