Spanish artist born in Segovia – Spain, currently lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A physicist, interested in the dynamics and mechanisms of the natural world since childhood , displaying this early inclination by disassembling toys and rebuilding them into better models made out of wood or any other material that was available to him. During university, he applied to his first job related to software development, later going into business for himself in England. Here he began to dedicate himself exclusively to the bond between science, nature, art studies and experimental process. By the time he moved to Brazil in 2002, he started conceiving and realizing many different kinds of work, mixing kinetic and poetic works based on the mimesis of nature organic and fluid movements, wavy and bouncy, as can be seen in “oysterCube”, “glitterBot” and “fecundation”. He currently is chairman at Parque Lage visual arts school in Rio de Janeiro. Solo exhibitions have included the headquarters of Amarelonegro in Rio and Sao Paulo Special Edition during SP-Art Fair, and works selected for ArtRio Fair in 2012 and 2014 and at Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro. His artistic activities expand through the field of performance, he acts making momentary site specific interactive experiences in many social and cultural contexts, even at the beach. Without doubt, Julio Lucio is an artist connected to the media demands and pulsations of our times. He does not make a distinction between art, science, hard work and living life to the fullest. He perseveres in a career engaged with focused discipline and method, always achieving success with his joy, creativity and playful nature. Spontaneous, witty and authentic, he attends to the calls of his imagination and his infectious charisma leads him to successfully guide other artists in collaboration or technology support for their endeavors with the same ease, versatility and competence.