Julio Luico’s studio is an authoring and high-tech ambience located on the outskirts of the Tijuca Forest. On the sidelines of a river, the flow of water and the eclectic music soundscape completes the set, which also includes birds, cicadas, crickets, frogs and small lizards creeps. It is a clean and visually pleasing space, organized in accurate detail immediately noticeable when observing the provision of tools and stores electronic parts and other materials. Modest, bright and airy, the house is inset in a socio-economically widely contrasting area in the south zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Not far from a busy road in the Botanic Gardens neighborhood, the artist’s place of craft and experiments is quite frequented by professionals seeking further contact with his work covering art, sciences and robotics or friends and persons of pure curiosity. From this experience in locus, collaborations, partnerships, projects and contracts are unfolded.