A plate of Pacheco Leao Street, in the Botanical Gardens, South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, received stickers pasted over the original text, substituting the name of the track by the Amarildo mason helper Souza, killed in Rocinha community last year. Illegal change drew the attention of pedestrians and traders more observers. Since then, the plate of Von Martius Street, also in the Botanical Gardens, had similar intervention.
In both pathways, the board space dedicated to the sayings that describe the historical significance of the honoree, just below the name, the text was replaced by “tortured and murdered by PMs of UPP Rocinha”. In Pacheco Lion, there is no information about who pasted the new text on the card and the surrounding traders do not see any suspicious movement on the street corner, since the sun was born.

Amarildo disappeared after being taken by military police for questioning at the headquarters of Pacifying Police Unit (UPP) during “Operation Peace Armada”, to combat trafficking in the community, between 13 and 14 July 2013. Twenty-five police are judged by participation in the case.
In UPP, the mason would have gone through an investigation. After this process, according to the version of PMs who were with Amarildo, they still went through several Rio parts of the city before returning to the headquarters of the Pacifying Police Unit, where security cameras show the latest Amarildo images, which, according to the police, would have left the place alone – a fact not recorded by the cameras.
After depositions, four military police officers were identified who actively participated in the torture session that Amarildo he would have faced side of the container of the UPP Rocinha. According to prosecutors, witnesses told the police about the involvement of these PMs in crime. After six months of searching by Mason body, the court decreed the presumed death of Amarildo.
The presumed death replaces the death certificate, which can only be issued when there is the body – Amarildo’s body was never found – and allows the family to receive pension or compensation, among other functions. At first instance, the declaratory action was dismissed.

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