This interactive installation was developed to simulate and recreate the behaviour of one of the smallest living beings inside of the human body, “spermatozoon” or “spermatozoids”.

This tiny cell seems to be alive and is one of the two key elements involved in animal’s fertilization process. They are all different in size, speed, chromosomes combination and each one of them seems to have their unique story to tell and life to live. But all of them pursue the same goal, get to the female egg the first and get it fertilised.

In this interactive installation Fecundation, the union of an egg (the public) and the sperm cells occurs in the interactive scene like in the real process inside the ampulla of the uterine tube.

The simulation is installed in a dark room with the floor as the interactive projected area. The installation uses specific pieces of hardware and software to work, like for example, the infrared lights that are placed in the ceiling, which let the camera sense the visitors wandering around the installation and filters the light coming from the projector.

Fecundation also uses C++ programming to localize the right position of the foot of the users in the installation area. Each spermatozoon senses the visitors presence and, using his little conscience and decision-making capabilities, behaves like a living being by deciding which direction to take and moving its little body in search of the female egg.


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