Funk Dolphin

The Dolphin Memories project , promoted by the UFRJ Technology Park in partnership with the School of Fine Arts, is a tribute the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro to the city of Rio de Janeiro . The Memories of the Dolphin is part of the official calendar of commemoration of the 450th anniversary of the city . From 28 March to 30 May 2015 , will be spread throughout the university campus 45 porpoises sculptures , made of fiberglass from Naval Engineering Laboratory specialists from UFRJ, and painted by artists , teachers and students of the institution.

Me and my college Aline Courie have designed this funk dolphin that let users play infinite combinations of funk tunes using a joystick and some buttons. One of the buttons plays also dolphin sounds.

Funk Carioca is part of our recent musical history . Its origins are related to the arrival of the American funk to Brazil in the 1970s, which began absorbed. DJs and MCs Rio began to develop its own identity ( mixing the Miami Bass, drum machines , powerful bass lines and lyrics about life in the suburbs or two-way ) . Today the Funk Carioca is cultural heritage of Rio de Janeiro .

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