otherEgo is an interactive sculpture that simulates the undulatory movements and waviness of nature and life such as water, fluids, membranes and tissues. Four mechanic animals hold a single fabric together, each one in a different corner. Four different parameters change the speed and frequency of the movement of each animal’s beak, so the visitor can observe the beauty out of the wavy interferences on this flowing pearly fabric.

It is part of “Pen, Lens and Paintbrush – Game”, a project that came out from a virtual network basis, where artists create a timeline dialog that consists in a text that generates an image, that again generates a text and so on. “otherEgo” was based on a text from Renato Amado, and materialised by Julio Lucio and Fernanda Franco. The exhibition occurred at Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro (MAM-RJ).

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